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As advocates for parents and children, we will provide you with assistance in your quest for the best care for your children in the following ways:

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Could your organization benefit from DEI Training?

LEAF offers a 4 hour Conscious Inclusion Learning Experience.

Laura Tracy: I recently had the opportunity to facilitate the Conscious Inclusion Learning Experience for CVS. In this role, I participated in Train the Trainer sessions, Module Deep Dive sessions, prep sessions and delivery to 600 Directors at CVS over a 6 month period. It was a life changing experience. I am passionate about this critical journey our society must make together to allow people to be comfortable being their true selves and where all our differences are celebrated and valued. In addition, I am a Corporate Training Specialist as well as an Educational Consultant with over 9 years of Adult Learning and Project Management experience. I have worked with economically challenged school districts with the goal of improving reading skills in the primary grades. I strive to deliver the best possible training to all my students and when I have achieved that goal, I look for opportunities to make it even better! I completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Pittsburgh and completed my post graduate work at Duquesne University.

Monica Cwynar: Monica brings robust experience in the healthcare, mental health and educational settings to her work. She has over 25 years of experience in the Pittsburgh region as a social worker in a wide variety of contexts, including medical, geriatrics, children and families, criminal justice, and community outreach. Growing up as the child of an interracial marriage in a small town, Monica learned at an early age to think about cultural issues with nuance and empathy. Monica decided she wanted to be a social worker when she was 13 years-old and has been energized by her chosen path ever since. She currently provides counseling to pre- and post-adoptive families. Monica has served an adjunct professor at Carlow University, co-creating a cultural competency curriculum and co-teaching Cultural Awareness for Human Services Professionals. She co-leads a civil rights service-learning course for college students from American University, University of Pittsburgh, and West Virginia University, which lead to the creation of the award-winning documentary film Democracy: A Steady, Loving Confrontation. She previously trained and was certified as an EMT.

Please contact email michelle.sedlak@leafpa.org for more information.

Educational Assistance (IEP Process)

Professionally trained Family Advocates will be your guide through the IEP Process and assist you by answering questions about and helping you understand your child’s educational services.

For more information about this service:
E-mail: michelle.sedlak@leafpa.org

Meeting Attendance

We will be available to attend meeting with the therapists, schools, and doctors to assist you with your understanding while you make plans to meet your child’s needs.

  • Appointments with Family Advocates

For more information about this service:
E-mail: michelle.sedlak@leafpa.org

On Call for Family Related Emergencies

As parents of a child with special needs, you can feel overwhelmed but rest assured that we can assist you through even the most difficult family situations.

For more information about this service:
E-mail: michelle.sedlak@leafpa.org

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